When it comes to piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, or singing lessons in the Oakville and Mississauga region, Merriam School of Music has been the leader for 25 years. We’ve had consistently the highest customer service rating, the longest retention of students, and the most associations with post-secondary music institutions.

Merriam School of Music was founded in 1988. We have grown to serve 3500 weekly music students, with 120 teachers, in three campuses. We are recognized by several major universities such as Western University, Wilfrid Laurier, and University of Ottawa as being leaders in the field of music education, and have remained focused on creating lifelong music lovers and participants through engagement and innovation.

Merriam Music stands out because of three distinct areas: unparalleled facilities, a long-term and well trained teacher corps, and our emphasis on real-life musical engagement. Students at Merriam Music get to experience relevant, real musical moments from the second they arrive, and there are over 30 performance opportunities per year for an average student. This ability to provide these real-life experiences keeps music at the forefront of our students’ lives, and is the primary reason we can boast a 91% retention rate.

Our facilities are something we’re particularly proud of: every classroom is fully wired with technology; each student has access to concert-level instruments on a weekly basis; the performance hall is the best-equipped small-to-medium sized recital hall in the GTA.

If you are considering music lessons, we would be honoured to take you on a tour of our school and show you how we might make a musical difference in you and your family’s lives.


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